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los angeles, san antonio you, philadelphia, southern kentucky, and the chataw reservation. >> we will help them succeed not with a hand out, but as partners every step of the way. and we're going to make sure it works, and hold them accountable to make sure it is making a difference in the lives of kids. >> officials haven't said how much the program will cost. it aims to assist 20 regions over the next three years. to take a closer look, let's head to the white house. mike viqueira is there on the north lawn. mike, what kind of federal assistance are we talking about here? >> yeah, everything from tax money, tax credits, providing medical expertise, streamlining red tape down to america core volunteers. his next state of the union is coming in, in two weeks. these aren't really a new idea, aly. remember jack kemp when he was the hud secretary, and enterprise zones, empowerment zones. they have had mixed success in stimulating growth in urban areas, and the obama administration wants to extend this into rur ro -- rural towns and places that have seen decay. there is a tax compone
,000 on the top. they have to have a job-creating institution. the mayor in west philadelphia, they have a university pushing to cooperate, bringing in the education aspect. thanks for clearing that up. mike viqueira at the white house. philadelphia is one of the first five promise zones. west philadelphia with federal funding. the poverty rate in that community is 51%. unemployment at 13%. philadelphia mayor was at the white house and joins us from philly. some of my viewers - this is a new show - don't know i split my life between new york city and philadelphia. it's a great city, but it's a bifurcated city. there's a rich wonderful philadelphia, and a poor philadelphia. >> thanks for having me on and congratulations on the new show. philadelphia is a dynamic diversity, and we have a wide range of democratic elements to the city of philadelphia. what we are focussed on with the promise zone is, as the commentator mentioned. the partnership with the university. and certainly our own anti-poverty organization, community empowerment. that's headed by eva glad stephen. so we believe that t
cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. >> al: shot of a snow-covered tree in philadelphia. we can tell you about the pro bowl. jerry rice and deion sanders will select their teams of the pro bowl draft the wednesday before the game. the pro bowl three weeks from tomorrow on nbc. here's darren sproles to run the pick back. on the outside and a big run back for him. a horse collar tackle by cary williams. >> cris: that's going to take the ball out to about midfield for brees to start the next drive. i tell you, there are bad penalties and good penalties. that wasn't a bad one. >> referee: horse collar tackle. kicking team number 26. 15-yard penalty from the end of the run. new orleans keep the ball, automatic first down. >> cris: boy you don't like to see this on the other side of the 50. that's a no brainer call. cary williams knew exactly what he was doing. drew brees would like to raise all the conversation about how they can't win in the cold and the playoffs and have about 48 yards to prove it. >> al: somebody talked about that this week. the ball is at the 48. 39-yard retu
of america's most dangerous. switchblades and fistfights a daily concern. philadelphia's strawberry mansion high school was on the brink of closure, with the clock ticking down. and as teachers and students struggled to save, it abc news was there with extraordinary access over two school years. now thanks to our viewers we're back with the astonishing outcome. abc's diane sawyer takes you inside for our latest edition of "hidden america." >> reporter: morning begins at strawberry mansion high school with a prayer. >> we must save the children. in your name, amen. >> amen. >> reporter: security guards take their posts to watch for razor blades and tin foil, knives and backpacks. >> take your coat off. >> reporter: vassaline on faces used to prevent scratches in a fight. it is a school of 464 kids. a lot of them want to learn. a lot of them on a hairtrigger. >> this is a dangerous school. a lot of fights pop off for nothing. you've got to be safe. >> reporter: for five years running mansion, as the students call, it was considered one of the most dangerous schools in america. and our cameras
-covered tree in philadelphia. we can tell you about the pro bowl. jerry rice and deion sanders will select their teams of the pro bowl draft the wednesday before the game. the pro bowl three weeks from tomorrow on nbc. here's darren sproles to run the pick back. on the outside and a big run back for him. a horse collar tackle by cary williams. >> cris: that's going to take the ball out to about midfield for brees to start the next drive. i tell you, there are bad penalties and good penalties. that wasn't a bad one. >> referee: horse collar tackle. kicking team number 26. 15-yard penalty from the end of the run. new orleans keep the ball, automatic first down. >> cris: boy you don't like to see this on the other side of the 50. that's a no brainer call. cary williams knew exactly what he was doing. drew brees would like to raise all the conversation about how they can't win in the cold and the playoffs and have about 48 yards to prove it. >> al: somebody talked about that this week. the ball is at the 48. 39-yard return. 15-yard penalty. going nowhere. ingram. graham in on the tackle. the s
it somewhere. >> bonnie raines worked at a daycare center in philadelphia. her husband, john, taught religion at temple university. a were the very picture of the golden couple. >> we had three children. we were family folks who also wanted to keep another track active in our lives, which was political activism. >> it attracted the attention of the fbi, its director, the powerful and feared j edgar hoover, perceive the antiwar movement which ranged from radical revolutionaries to peaceful protesters as a threat to national security. >> at one rally, i had one of my children on my back and not only did they take my picture, but they took her to her. >> protesters became increasingly convinced the fbi was conducting a covert campaign against them, tapping their phones and infiltrating antiwar groups. >> we knew the fbi was systematically trying to squash dissent stop dissent is the lifeblood of democracy. >> determined to get proof the fbi was crossing the line, fellow activist william davitton hatched a plan. he reached out to the raines and six others. >> we agreed to meet someplace where we
. thank you all for coming. it's such a treat first of all to be in philadelphia, franklins hometown to talk about jane who once visited here. as much as she loved boston but also just to be here in a public library and celebrate this space and all that it stands for. so thank you to the library. [applause] i am hoping that none of you have ever heard of jane frank and because i want because i want to tell you the story for life and we don't have that much time to do that. she led a rich and fascinating life and i'm going to try to give you whirlwind tour of it. we will be looking at some slides and i even have props. that is how i teach. so said back and listen to this tale that i hope is unknown to you. in 1771 benjamin franklin sent his sister jane a pair of spectacles. rather, he center 13 pairs of spectacles with lenses of every size from one to 13. andy centered to instructions for conduct in her own eye exam. you know when you're at the optometrist and they put that horrible thing over your face and they flip the lenses and you have to say which is better, a master of the mac
massachussetts and philadelphia, or later washington, d.c., they wrote at least once a week and sometimes twice a week. i almost like to think of it like phone calls. >> this program is an interactive one, which makes it more enjoyable for all of us, and we hope you take part. in about 15 minutes, we will be taking your telephone calls. we will put the phone numbers on the screen so you can phone in a question. there are two other ways you can be involved. if you go to twitter and use the hashtag #firstladies, we will include some of your tweets. you can also go to c-span's facebook page, and we have posted a spot where you can send questions. i am going to start with a facebook comment. "she looks like a tough cookie." by looking at the words of abigail adams, was she a tough cookie? >> oh, my goodness, no. yes and no. one of the important things to understand about abigail is that she started out as a naive young woman whose expectations were to have a normal life like her mother did. the revolution disrupted that, and her whole life shifted. this is one of the reasons why she has become such
in philadelphia and new york city. that's where things are going to band up on that snow with the radar. philadelphia seeing the heaviest at this hour. in new york city, it is not only the snow that is starting to begin, but also the wind. it is making it feel like 12 degrees outside. philadelphia, heavy snow. temperatures make it feel like 10. the worst of it by far will be in boston. upwards of a foot of snow with temperatures that will make it feel like minus 9 out there. we'll have details on our own forecast and if there is any hope of any rainfall coming up in just a few minutes. >>> tomorrow could be another turning point in the jahi mcmath case. she's the girl who's been on life support for three weeks now after a tonsillectomy. >> reporter: the family's attorney says this hearing in federal court will be held to discuss a temporary restraining order, which is keeping the hospital from removing her from that ventilator at least until tuesday. the mandatory settlement conference is a very common procedure. in this case, the judge will meet with hospital officials and with jahi mc
moved back to philadelphia. they decided to let their daughter finish the school year in the grandfather's school district. that's when the trouble began. >> the school district contacted us in april and said "there's a problem with your residency." we came in to meet with the principle, >> and whapt. >> she keeps insisting i never lifted there >> the superintendent wouldn't talk to us. she made good on her threat and turned the case over to police. >> the garsia's say they were cooperating. alicia showed voter registration and other proof. >> we haven't heard anything for maybe a month. >> and then in august he called us and said that we have a choice to turn ourselves in or he was putting out a warrant to arrest us. >> what was going through your mind while they were finger printing you and processing you. >> disgusting. >> disgusting. >> to the system, to everything. everything came to my head of disgusting. >> i couldn't believe that it was happening in america over education. a 5-year-old child. and i pleaded with superintendent. i said, "look, we are good parents, we are good citiz
jake tapper will have more on the shooting outside of this charter high school in philadelphia. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with me. "the lead" starts right now. >>> is edward snowden permitting himself a smile somewhere in the single digit temps of russia? i'm jake tapper. this is "the lead." >>> forced by nsa leak source edward snowden, today president obama is changing the privacy changes. the politics lead. two bushes in the office are plenty. i'm paraphrasing the woman one calls wife and the other one calls mom. first lady barbara bush not too keen on her son jeb running in 2016. >>> and the pop culture lead. you can blame "sex in the city" but is a risk of a shortened life span another? for one group of viewers it's kind of a mr. big deal. good afternoon, everyone. we're beginning with breaking news coming out of philadelphia after a week full of shootings, authorities tell cnn that at least two students are hurt after fires were shot at the high school in philly. they also tell us that the shots may have come from outside the school through a window. police are
. i'm joined by philadelphia's michael nutter and san francisco's ed lee. you guys are two of the six largest cities in the country now? six, seven? >> seven. >> seven? we'll give you that. mayor nutter, the last couple of years, gatherings of u.s. conference of mayors, have been almost pleased. you guys have come here, congress, stop fighting, we're desperate for infrastructure money, and this year, you're not coming begging? >> there are always requests and needs. as the clip showed, much more upbeat environment, nationally employment rate continues to come down, certainly in philadelphia. we're seeing the same kind of drop in unemployment. people are feeling a little better. the projected growth by ihs global insight is really music to our ears. but we still have a lot of work to do. >> and one thing that's going on, mayor lee, and in particular let's look at both of your cities, a time when people were leaving cities and you guys are seeing an economic boom, and at the same time your raw population is growing again. >> absolutely. by several hundred thousand, in fact. and we have
channel. >>> a snowy emergency in philadelphia where the skyline was barely visible through the snow and haze. this is the first time in recorded history that philly has seen three separate snowstorms before february that left more than 6 inches on the ground. >>> the troubles on the roads started even earlier for drivers in northwest indiana. take a look as a car skidded underneath a big truck on the highway. dozens of crashes forced road crews to shut down a major interstate. not too far away in chicago, people still ventured out, but they were bundled up to face the high winds and snow. >>> back here at home, some people decided it's never too cold for a snowball fight. it's actually a goof for the occasion. it's called the d.c. snowball fighters association. they organized this gathering at dupont circle tonight. about 200 people turned out. it seemed to be a hit on social media as well. the group is a top trending topic on twitter. >> wow, say that again? >> no. what is a top trending topic on twitter anyhow? >> how did they even make snowballs? the snow is too fluffy. >> that's
starting to drop overnight. but right now, just above the freezing mark in philadelphia. not much happening at 4:00, but as the storm intensifies, this is where the snow is coming down tonight. i'll look at the cold air behind this. and it will be a little bit later with the complete national forecast. >> next on aljazeera america, a big surprise in 2013. now more popular than ever, and getting competition. >> hackers stealing the information of users on two popular websites. the website, it allowed them to steal the information seconds after it opened. and the other, with the army, it claimed that it attacked data with skype. >>> gaining ground this year with vendors, and that is creating room for new digital currencies. patricia explains. >> when you buy something electronically, using traditional occurrences like dollars or pesos or yen, it works like a bank much. >> bit coin's appeal is that it transfers from one person to another. using computers that stops people from sending the same by the coin twice, prevents fraud. and it keeps it growing at a steady rate. >> the fact that ther
in philadelphia. another hour or two in new york city. it will all be done. and it's starting to wind down albany and hartford, boston out on the cape is where the blizzard conditions are. we've got gusts right now to 44 on cape cod, 44 at martha's vineyard. and it's a light, powdery snow, reports of snowdrifts in many areas. thankfully the winds will come down in the afternoon as the storm pulls away. same for new jersey and greater new york city. even central park, gusts of 37 miles per hour. so these wind chill values are just really the thing that's so difficult out there, betty. we're still watching those well into the negative numbers. >> they're frighteningly low. let's get to the blizzard-like conditions in boston. where more than a foot of snow and frigid temperatures are causing havoc. our richard lui is in the thick of all of it. and joins us now live. good morning, richard. >> good morning, to you, betty. as bill was talking about, those high gusting winds, reports of areas south of boston, up to 55 miles per hour. what we're seeing around here is about 20-25 miles per hour. and when
will be dropping quickly in philadelphia and new york. in fact tuesday, wednesday, it spreads, and the color changes, color warms a little bit once it's over the u.s. here. it will being getting a little -- will be getting a little warmer. the numbers coming up with the national forecast a little bit later. del. >> dave warren thank you. one of our producers have been being questioned, mohamed fahmy one of three of our staffers who have been held for nine days n now. peter greste, another staff member. three being health separately at torah prison outside of cairo. >>> iraq callings for residents of fallujah to drive out what he is calling terrorists. the islamic state in iraq and the levant are battling forces to control ramadi and fallujah. imran khan reports. >> guns and rocket propelled grenades they say they are willing to face any challenge. shelling campaign the fighters say were carried out by iraqi army forces. troops have circled the city, and are led by tribes led by sheik abu al richa. there have been attempts to withdraw the army from the cities and go to the islamic state in ir
there -- >> my father is a taxpayer who owns a house there. >> if you live in philadelphia because you don't have the money to live in montgomery county. that's not your fault. >> reporter: the assistant da canceled an interview with us. but the garcias think they are a test case. >> this is to make sure that everybody in philadelphia knows this can happen to you. >> it's an interesting phase you used to cross the border. we're talking about philly not canada. >> yeah, there is a line where they don't want people to cross. >> that is soledad o'brien reporting. coming up tonight, part of our series on education. we take a look at the rising popularity of home schooling, and whether teaching your child at home is as effective as sending them to school. >>> a library without any books. next on al jazeera america, a texas library that is all digital. >> all this week, >> the strength of our future relies on education. >> it's a parental right to say this is the way i'm gonna homeschool my child. >> home schooling, or no schooling, part of our weekl long, in depth series. america tonight only on al ja
are still 40's and 50s. came to work and you might have noticed it was very warm in philadelphia and new york, but that will change as this bitter cold air begins to spread east. cold air still over the great lakes in new england tomorrow. by wednesday it begins to lift out a little bit each day. look at the actual numbers with the national forecast, del. >> thank you very much. 34 people are dead after fighting between the iraqi army and alqaida in anbar province. they have retai have taken contf ramadi and are next looking at fallujah. >> the iraqi army are preparing for a ground assault in fallujah, but it won't be led by them but tribal fighters. the reason for that is simply the sunni tribes have maintained any ground assault into that city should be left to them. the iraqi army shell and used airstrikes on targets, and now they're ready with their fighters to move into the city. but we're also seeing a humanitarian crisis building as well. they're staying in schools in area, but getting supplies to them have been very difficult. will the battle for fallujah be decisive. we've alrea
with clearly the most important speech, but we philadelphia. jeff lacher speaks out of richmond. and jeremy sky is speaking as well. pour the tea and open the bars in philadelphia. >> rockstar ben bernanke? >> it is his final speech, and it is a big deal. you wonder if he will go back to princeton after his tenure of duty. difficulties yesterday to begin the year. stasis right now. the 10-year yield under 3%. we come in, the euro, that weak trend, and you see all currencies adding today off of the drama -- you see all currencies ebbing today off of the drama. sub 1200.ers, we are up about $32. we made it to 3.97%. sterling we will talk about in the forex report. scour the web -- got out a snow shovel, braved it from brooklyn. erik schatzker with the front page. >> east coast, threatening blizzard conditions, disrupting travel. highways are closed, thousands of flights have been canceled. areas north of boston got 21 inches already. forecast, meaning temperatures will feel much colder than the thermometer shows. new york city -- it is 11 degrees. placid.low, lake bonnie snyder helps us out as ou
. the largest cities were new york city, philadelphia, baltimore, and boston. what should we know about the most important political events of the madison administration? what was the timeline like and how important was dolley in helping navigate those times for her husband? >> there were 2 big stories -- the first story of two was the union. i think you are getting a sense of the early republic, it was a time of great anxiety. no one was sure this union was going to hold. people at the time would refer to the united states in the plural. they would say, the united states of america are. which signaled that it was not quite holding together. there was a fear it was going to fall apart. they called it regionalism, and later they call is sectionalism as they head to the civil war. dolley's work is understandable. so we know that nation is going to be a strong nation state, it is a democracy, and a twoparty system and a strong president. that was none of the things the founders had intended. we look back and see that time as a time of growing pains. and we see dolley madison not knowing how this wo
of the 1960s and 1970s. to talk more about his legacy, we are joined by four guests. in philadelphia, sonia sanche. a renowned poet, playwright, activist, one of the leaders of the black studies movement. she is the author of more than a books.outes -- here in new york, we are joined ,y three people, felipe luciano my longtime comrade, poet, journalist, and writer. he knew amiri baraka for 43 years. he was an original group of the group the last poets. komozi woodard is a professor of history at sarah lawrence college, author of "a nation within a nation: amiri baraka and black power politics." is with us, chairman of the people's organization for progress. to start with sonya sanchez. your reaction to the news of amiri baraka's death. >> good morning to you, my brothers and sisters. how are you doing? it is good hearing all of you. juan, likether everyone else, we were more than shocked. we could never imagine ourselves on this earth without dear brother amiri and his father. he started out in the day, he would say hello to his family in newark. he would say hello to all of those brothers
a record snowfall up and down the seaboard. today's schools and businesses in washington, philadelphia, and boston are all closed, while those cities try to dig out. new york city, which got 11 inches or more in some places, left the public schools open. joining me now with a weather round-up is nbc's dylan dreyer in sandwich, massachusetts. and also ron allen in philadelphia. thanks to both of you. dylan, first of all, let's talk about what's going on up there in massachusetts, where you have had absolutely the worst of it. terrible cold and winds. >> reporter: cold and wind. that's right, andrea. and right now, this is really one of the very few spots still dealing with this heavy blowing snow. and it's all ocean effect. we awl tatalk a lot about lake snow. we have a very cold north wind crossing over the relatively warmer waters of the atlantic. and we are stuck with this band of ocean effect snow right over us. and you can see just how much it reduces visibility when these winds kick out. we've had winds up near 40 miles per hour at times. it reduces visibility down to around zero.
to a halt on tuesday and forced philadelphia's mayor to order a snow emergency. >> the fact we'll be in the eens and single digits for the entire day after you know, 10 12, possibly 14 inches of snow, is a very different set of conditions than we've seen over the last couple of years. >> reporter: the state has already spent more than $40 million on snow cleanup, and we're not even halfway through the season. at this rate one state official told us they'll have to go to lawmakers to ask to spend even more. charlie, clarissa? >> michelle, thanks. >>> washington, d.c., is coping with the snow. government offices reopened this morning. they closed yesterday because of the storm. the weather's affecting trains along with highways in the northeast. and air travel is in turmoil across the country. around 1,400 of today's flights are cancelled. that follows 3,000 cancellations yesterday. vinita nair is at la guardia, which is struggling to get back to normal. vinita, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, there is one thing they have plenty of here and that's cance
in philadelphia. >> but you should stay in philadelphia, where you are paying taxes. >> if you are a person who doesn't have the money to live in montgomery county, that is not your fault that you can't make the same money, okay? >> is the school in your neighborhood in philadelphia, is that school unsafe? >> it is safe. they passed the ayp, the no child left behind law. >> the d.a. cancelled a planned interview with us. but the garcias think they are a test case. the moreland school district are, so far the only family being prosecuted is the garcias. >> the garcia family to make an example, to make sure everybody in philadelphia, this can happen to you. >> this is an interesting phrase you used, across the border. >> that's the phrase they use . canada. >> there is a line they don't want people to cross. >> our special correspondent, soledad o'brien joins us. is there a likelihood that this woman will go to jail? >> there is a possibility the garcias could go to uranium. i jail. if you value that education as $10,000, it could be possible that they will spend a year in jail. some people will
philadelphia are under investigation for an involvement in cheating. allegations were made in 2007 after unusual patterns appeared in test scores. >> those are your headlines at this hour. i'm thomas drayton in new york. "consider this" is next. boundary hopping can and do parents really go to jail for stealing education? >> handcuffed with a leather belt. >> with handcuffs. >> we went in jail. >> also tonight, more to come. new threats for tourists coming to the winter olympics. why there's reason to stay away from sochi. and mud cat, sweet lou, so many greats. the american treasures who came after jackie robinson. on an era of pain, how a few good hits could level the playing field. >> why the blackball players attack that ball, you guys would simply attack it, simple, it was white! >> and good evening, thanks for joining us. i'm joie chen. when it comes to improving this country's public education, there are endless headlines about charter programs and districts that offer open enrollment for anyone who want to be there. but for school choice movement the simple reality is that
. as far as inches of snow we are seeing, this is not the usual run, it seems. >> no. in fact, philadelphia had a statement out of the national weather service office outside of mount holly, they cover philadelphia. they have never had thr three six-inch snowfall storms this early in a season ever. there's never been a fourth. we are flirting with record if this achieves what we think it is going to. we are seeing intense bands setting up. a storm off the coast, the center of the low is intensifying. really this is just the early stages of the storm. we zoom in and look at the snowfall bands. they were right over the turnpike. it must have been white knuckle driving, that's for sure. slowly drifting to the north right over the city. it's covering much of long island. snow under the darker blue anywhere from a half inch per hour to up differential diagnosis wards of two inches per hour. snow is coming down fast and furious across the area. it's going to be a long duration event. where it's snowing here for the rest of today it will continue into tonight including much of the i-95 corridor. t
were directed at people like our next guest, philadelphia mayor, michael nutter, and he's leading the city through tough economic challenges, and he did get help in washington. mr. nutter, i appreciate you being with us. and i want you to think about the president's comments, first of all, he was suing that things like the minimum wage up might need to come from the state at the local level. and is that empowerment for you at the state and the city level or a matter of dell grating that responsibility to you? >> i think that the president was very clear that he wants the national wage to be raised by the federal government to $10.10, and he wants congress to be take action other that as soon as possible. >> he did encourage them to do that last year, and they didn't act on it. >> in many instances, the house republicans have to figure out who they're going to serve. are they serving special interest or the people they were elected to represent? just like we have seen the unfortunate expiration of unemployment insurance benefits, which the president mentioned in the state of the
. >> the president's comments were directed at people like our next guest, philadelphia mayor, michael knutter, now in his second term leading the city through tough economic challenges. he had help from washington. we appreciate us being with us. think about the president's comments, after all he was suggesting that moving things like the minimum wage up might need to come from the state and local level. is that an element of empowerment to those of us at the state and city level or is that a matter of delegating that responsibility to you. >> well, i think the president was clear that he wants the federal or national minimum wage to be raised by the federal government to $10.10. he's certainly encouraging congress to take action on that as quickly as possible. >> he encouraged them to do it last year and nothing happened? >> congress and, not to be too political, in many instances the house republicans have to figure out who to serve. are they serving special interest or the people they were elected to represent. like we have seen the expiration of unemployment insurance benefits, which the presi
storm. in just a few minutes we'll speak by phone with the mayor of philadelphia. again, that's still ahead. >>> they have already made millions off their television show and they sell a host of products from t-shirts to stuffed dolls and even chia pets. now the stars of "duck dynasty" are brarcnching out into the firearms arena. >>> also the family trying to keep this little girl on life support gets an ally. i'll talk to the late terri schiavo's brother about the foundation set up in her name and how they're trying to make a difference in the life of jahi mcmath. that's our question for you, the life support debate. should jahi mcmath's family, not a judge or a hospital, have the final say over what happens to this young girl? weigh in on twitter and facebook. diarrhea, gas, bloating? yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues... with three strains of good bacteria. [ phillips' lady ] live the regular life. phillips'. [ phillips' lady ] live the regular life. so i can reach ally bank 24/7, but there ar24/7.branches? i'm sorry,
in philadelphia. coming up on a preview of what promises to be a fridgid nfc wild card game against the saints and the eagles. >> al jazeera america is the only news channel that will brings you live news at the top of every hour. >>> welcome back to al jazeera america. here is a look at your top stories this half hour: u.s. says it is concerned about the situation in western iraq where the government is battling an armed group linked to al-qaeda. police in the main city of fallujah say rebel fighters control the center of town. at least eight people have been killed in the violence there. >>> u.s. coast guard is being called on to help two stranded ships in antartica because the chinariese ice breaker is stran. u.s. ice breaking ship, "the polar star" is already in the reamingon for another mission. >> cold on the midwest, deep freeze bringing lowest temperatures in years. in the dakotdakotas, it could fs low as 503s degrees below zero. several states may face negative temperatures for days. certainly we have seen a dumping of snow in the northeast as well. temperatures are apparently expect
smashed into the window at the philadelphia airport, sending a person to the hospital. óqoqúúÑ@ >>> a wildfire alert now. crews in california are battling flames near thousands of homes just outside of los angeles. officials say the fire has charred at least 1700 acres now, and destroyed more than a dozen buildings, including a number of homes, at least five. here's what it looked like this morning. this says yesterday. on your screen is what it looked like this morning. hundreds of firefighters on the ground and in water-dropping planes and choppers fought back the fireline through the night. they say they have tamed it. their word. but the conditions are still extreme. the flames breck out yesterday morning in the foothills of the san gabriel mountains. this is los angeles, hermosa beach, manhattan beach and pacific palisades and this is downtown los angeles, and to the east and north, this is glendora and this is where it started, and now the flames are moving up the canyons here, and they're trying to keep it away from the angeles national forest. if it spreads th
and then it really intensifies. there is the cold air in place. right around the freezing mark in philadelphia. so looks like it could be initially a mix, but then quickly changing over to snow a it will farther south. by 7:00, 8:00, the storm intensifies and it really starts to become heavy. it's overnight where we'll see that snow really start to intensify. by about 10:00 tonight clout night and tomorrow. look at the snow amount coming up on the national forecast later. del? >> dave, thank you very much. hundreds of people in sudan are dead and hundreds of thousands have been displaced. meanwhile the president there declaring a state of emergency in an ole-rich battleground state. >> the declaration of a state of emergency is more about giving government officials a freehand to deal with the rebelian. the sense of embarrassment that they have lost the two key cities. fighting is going on this morning around these downs. in bor, [ inaudible ] from the town that fighting began at dawn when government forces were sent there as reenfoesments after being defeated on tuesday, and attacked rebel forces
yesterday. in philadelphia, schools are shut. treacherous roads. they lowered speed limits. already, tragedy struck in bux county, pennsylvania, a worker was killed trying to move road salt, a 100 foot pile buried him alive. a horrible, horrible story. the winds are gusting um to 35 miles per hour in the city of chicago with temperatures dropping to 25 below. folks, please be safe. in new york, schools are closed. the mayor, bill de blasio is focused on keeping the city running and already has mass transit running at reduced routes. the snow is piling up near the city of boston. massachusetts, 21 inches of snow. icy conditions caused trailers to jackknife. sandwich, massachusetts surf is up over the sea wall. let's go to bill karins. the snow was sideways. not much in the city, but it was blowing sideways. >> up to this point, a lot of roads being cleared. people are off them. now people have to get up, clear their yards and driveways and try to get to work in many cases. in some cases, don't go on the roads. long island expressway was closed overnight. it's blizzard conditions out there. i'
. and they got a lot of it. logan international, boston, philadelphia, 6.9 in la guardia, and washington d.c., 2 and a half inches of snow. so it went from boston, close to 2 feet. so 2 inches in dc, along i-95. the dark blue color with bands of heavy snow. that was last night and this morning it cleared out. the snow is gone, and the sunshine will cause a little bit of melting today, which will refreeze tonight. but the wind is the big story. these are the cold temperatures. actually air temperatures, down to 0 in new york, and portland, maine, 6° in boston. and a fresh coating of snow will make them drop overnight. but when you factor in the wind, it looks like 20, 30 below in the northeast. and that wind is out of the northeast and the north. and that's creating a coastal problem here at noon with the high tide. coast of boston and new york, and philadelphia, a windchill of 13 below. here comes the next storm. that will wind up over the next 48 hours. a little bit of snow in north dakota and minnesota. but it's that blowing and drifting snow which will give us blizzard warnings in effect. wi
are in new york, boston, philadelphia, and chicago, more than 2,500 flights were canceled. we caught up with a couple from philadelphia and their plane was delayed an hour. it could be the ice. >> it was 7" and getting worse, we didn't think we would get out but we did. >> this is an isolateed -- is not isolated in the east coast. many canceled flights at sfo were headed to warm weather spots like orange county and san diego but many planes and their crews were not where they needed to be. san jose international airport has a handful of cancellations, so check with your airline before you head to the airport. >> still ahead at 11:00, a new warning from health officials after the new strain of swine flu claims the life of a california woman. >> how bad is our drought? we could get answers today. >> rescuing the rescuers. the predicament way presents reag or how to find big savings on the things you need. just make a straight line to safeway. your club card helps you keep your resolution to save money. now's a good time to pack your lunches. lean cuisine entrees are just $2.00. chobani yo
and in philadelphia roads are so icy, drivers are losing control. >> people falling, we almost fell. >> temperatures out there will be lower than what's in your freezer. >> officials are urging people to stay indoors and off the roads. but some people as you can see finding creative ways to get around snowy roadways like this cool ride in indianapolis on this very cold day. >>> we have live team coverage on this developing weather story for you tonight. rob mayeda has the late he hastb zero temperatures. and how the weather delays are rippling to the airport. >> reporter: so far 66 flights have been canceled at sfo, that includes 23 departing flights and 43 arriving flights, all because of the weather5&nv on t east coast. a plane actually skidded off the runway at jfk in new york this morning and went into a snow bank after landing. no one was hurt but the incident prompted thoughts to shut down jfk for an hour and that compounded the problem with weather related delays and cancellations. affected cities through the day include chicago, new york, boston, newark, washington, dulles and philadelphia.
1:00. a winter weather advisory a little farther north of philadelphia there right to lehigh valley. here is that snow this morning. that was a brief period of icing, now it continues to clear out and warm up a bit. maybe still some rain coming down, a little mix there across the lehigh valley along i-95 corridor, there could still be sleet or freezing rain. this will be the big storm impacting us this weekend here across the east coast. 33 in philadelphia, 34 in new york, numbers are climbing, so the road should just be wet by this afternoon. as the storm comes across the great lakes, on saturday, look at all of this rain. rain will be heavy at times and this could lead to flooding with 1 to 2 inches of rain predicted from virginia up to new england. that rain-slow line is north of the border, so the temperatures will be climbing and a lot of rain -- coming down not snow or ice. one to two inches of rain, flood watches are in effect, because we could see flooding saturday afternoon and sunday. del? >> dave warren thank you very much. >>> the federal government now saying it will re
of breaking going on. >> like break-dance. >> no, like breaking an entering. first in philadelphia, this surveillance footage caught a couple of guys breaking into the allegheny market, a food market, and check out how they get in. they cut the roof. yep, they came through the ceiling tiles so they didn't set off any alarms with breaking through the door. they hopped down into this market. they grab a sledgehammer and use that to break into the atm that was inside this market. they did get away with an undisclosed amount of cash and, of course, they also got a boatload of cigarettes. >> they don't typically get away with the money in the atm, so this is kind of surprising to me that they were able to find a simple way just a sledge hammer to got at it. >> but because they have surveillance cameras inside this market, we get a pretty good shot of this guy's eyes, unfortunately his face is covered. philadelphia police are still looking for these guys. this video there was a whole lot of breaking going on in china. check out this woman in a hooded coat, yes, it is a woman. she's stand
, baltimore and philadelphia. we'll talk about the bitter cold air coming in behind it. highs on wednesday below zero in north dakota, 10 to 20 in philadelphia. this weather pattern shapes up to talk about this polar air, this blob of polar air. but it looks to be coming down in eastern canada, here's the dry air again. persistent drought out west not much change of this weather pattern this week. >> thank you very much. and thank each and every one of you for watching al jazeera america. i'm del walters. inside story is next, and a programming note. ali velshi will be talking to some of the most important people in the business of finance world at the world economic forum in switzerland. you can see him all week long on real money on al jazeera america at 7:00. >>> r50iding on the information super highway, turns out it may have fast and slow lanes. new rules that may mean you have to pay for the quickest ride on "the inside story." >> hello. i am ray sworees. put a plug in a wall socket. an e licktricity powers an appliance.
in the hundreds of thousands. and by this time she had moved from atlanta to philadelphia. she died on a road trip when she was in mississippi. she died essentially because she could not get medical help. her funeral was held in philadelphia and was attended by 10 to 20,000 people. and that is how wildly popular she was in that indicated her great popularity. one thing that interests me is that everybody knows the name betsy smith. i would venture that maybe 95% of the people in chattanooga probably couldn't name one or two of her songs. i don't think many people have probably ever heard it. they have probably heard a little clip on. so for what that is worth, i thought that was kind of interesting. ♪ ♪ single ♪ ♪ single >> i like people to be able to look at the book and find interest in these stories and integrations. and they had given back and enrich the community a great deal. and it's a good feeling to all. >> from booktv's trip to chattanooga, tennessee, we bring you an interview with john wheeler, author of "the chronicles of cadillac dave: true confessions of a drug kingpin." >> h
. in santa clara, lilian kim abc 7 news. >> there is a manhunt underway in philadelphia after a college campus shooting. the students at widener university was shot while sitting in his car at the athletic center this evening. the student managed to dial 911. he's being treated at the hospital right now. police are reviewing surveillance video to help track down the shooter. students have been told to stay indoors until 6:00 a.m. >>> eight months after the abc 7 news i team uncover ed untested rape kits -- this i team follow-up. >> rape victim heather marlowe met her attacker at the 2010 beta breakers race, she contacted police, went through a four hour long sexual assault exam. yet the dna sample that may have identified her attacker went untested for years. this past friday she filed a complain the with the san francisco police commission. >> the evidence is just sitting unprocessed because apparently in san francisco you know the crime of rape is not considered that serious. >> after our report, the sfpd promised a complete audit of the property rooms looking for untestedkits. despit
from philadelphia to boston are hardest hit. you're looking at video now from the streets of philadelphia. the system is moving off the coast but the freezing temperatures will continue to dip lower. >>> airports are trying to recover after canceling 3,000 flights yesterday. today more than 1400 were canceled and more are expected. >> i think i'll make my connection in dallas to get to salt lake city on time. but it's like a ripple effect once one plane is late or cancelled another one is going to you know -- you're not going to get where you need to be on time. >> air travel is starting to get normal on the west coast. 30 flights coming from back east have been canceled at sfo. most were scheduled to land this morning. things are smooth at san jose and oakland airports. >>> new details about last fall's deadly shooting at l.a.x. it turns out minutes before the gunman opened fire, two armed lapd officers left for breaks without letting their dispatcher know as required. the officers were outside terminal 3 when police say paul ciancia began shooting, killing a tsa agent an
in places, a record 13 inches in philadelphia, creating a dangerous mix with ice on new york city streets. apple's flagship store in manhattan sports a bruise. in a 32-foot high panel, the result of a snow blowing incident. at metlife stadium hosting the super bowl in 11 days workers were digging out. >> are you going to need help getting out of that? >> reporter: even the veteran weather channel operator mike seidel were involved. some took to social media. to air frustrations from tuesday's slushy evening commute where some the trip home took nearly six hours. in new york city what is normally a half hour trip turned into nearly a five hour bus ride for one unlucky child. now trains around new york city were on weekend schedules this week, and as you can see, one is now past due. >>> more on this big area cold east of the mississippi. al roker is here in the studio with us for that tonight. good evening. >> well, brian, thank you so much. again, the polar vortex, the main parts are still up around the north pole, but little areas of clippers coming around this piece that is broken off w
's down to 9 below. 15-18 below in philadelphia and washington. the cold air is moving east. by tonight the temperatures will be dropping throughout the day. single digit wind chills that could be dropping below zero. this is coming with the winter weather. i'll show you where with the national forecast. >> $5 billion, that is how much money the postal service lost in business. it's upping the price of stamps again. starting yesterday it will cost $0.49, a $0.03 increase. the postal service says it's te temporary, though it could be permanent. >> a latest revelation from edward snowden is the u.s. is spying on private companies in germany. edward snowden told an interviewer that they spied on industries competing with u.s. firms, and that the u.s. wants to kill him, citing a post on a government website. >> al jazeera travels with algerian migrants. california is getting ready to expand medicare, but it may cause a doctor shortage for low income patients. >> in washington congress gets back to work a day before barack obama gives his state of the union address. there's a lot of deal wit
breaks to help communities tackle poverty. we have this report from one zone in philadelphia. >> president obama first mentioned the promise zones last year in his state of the union address and chose the 50th anniversary week of a war on poverty to announce the first five. >> sometimes we talk about this stuff as if we care and we deliver, don't follow through, we lose interest and we say maybe nothing could be done. a lot of our kids get lost. and we can't allow that to happen. that's what the promise zones represent. >> in west philadelphia, a small area of five square kill om fers where 51% of the population lives in poverty is one of the areas. its position means it's been the subject of redevelopment interest, and at the local food bank president obama's announcement was welcome. >> it puts us ahead of the game. we are in the game. so it will keep us ahead of the game in terms of trying to close the economic disparities that exist in this particular area. >> in any environment where you are looking to make change and have impact, there'll be natural tensions about prior
of philadelphia, was convicted for felony child endangerment for transferring an accused priest to a new parish where he later raped another child. barbara blaine, founder and director of snap, the survivor network of those abused by breess. the floinl endangerment law only applied them in direct supervision of children. the law was changed in 2007 to include anyone who supervises abusers. as well as those who commit the abuse. is lynn being released on a technicality or does this follow the spirit of the law? >> it seems pretty clear that monsignor lynn knowingly left children in positions where they would be harmed by knowingly transferring predator priests to parishes without warning the families, without warning parents, and without, he refused to turn over the information about crimes to police. and even lied about it to parishioners and families. so those facts came out in the trial. this ruling by the superior court, as you know, is going to be appealed to the supreme court of the state, and we believe then that the proper finding will be made. >> what does it say to the victims of these
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